Mattress topper for baby carriage. Cashmere Super Wash

The top is made of 100% cashmere wool. The underside is made of genuine flannel. In the corners there are elastics to fasten it on the mattress. The filler is a neutral to the body, artificial fiber, which easy controls the air infiltration and evaporation, dries quickly after getting wet (washing).

The Super Wash material has the highest content of wool-850 g per square metre, has a long pile allowing  to create improved ventilation and enveloping you with its warmth. The material is very durable and easy to wash, that's why it earned its name.

It gives a wonderful sleep, comfort and warmth, provides optimal ventilation and optimally conducive to the body temperature, protecting it from overheating and overcooling and  taking away the body evaporation . Also it has a valuable property -  to block harmful radiation and magnetic fields.

For year-round use.

For kids
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