Pillow. Alpaca.

A pillowcase with zipper from the wool of alpaca, llama, dwelling in the alpine zone of South America. It combines the healing properties of camel hair and the softness of the wool of llamas. Stylish gray color. Perfect for modern interiors.

 It has anti-allergic  characteristics. It gives you a wonderful sleep, comfort and warmth. It improves blood circulation, eases rheumatic symptoms.

Filler - thermophile (synthetic cotton fiber with the addition of natural rubber) - a neutral to the body artificial  fiber, breathable and easy to evaporate, and always guarantees firmness and elasticity.

Provides comfort and optimally conducive to the body temperature, prevents sweating of the scalp and neck.

The zipper on the pillowcase allows you to remove the filler when washing, or for sleeping on a flat pillow with spine diseases requiring this.

For year-round use.

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